Truly a site to behold, the Great Serpent Mound in southwest Ohio is the worlds largest serpentine effigy mound yet discovered. Writhing in a seemingly effortless way, the mound winds through trees on a cliff overlooking the Brush Creek valley of Adams County.


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The Great Serpent Mound of southwest Ohio averages about 1330 feet in length and 3 feet in height. Representing an unwinding serpent, the mound is sheathed in mystery and controversy. The serpent is thought by most to be about to swallow an egg. However many theories abound suggesting various interpretations. For instance some think it may represent an eclipse.

The mysteries don’t stop there. The very ground where the mound rests is also of interest to archeology. Seemingly full of cave-like or hollow structures, it is thought that perhaps there may be more to this serpent resting underground.

Conical mounds found nearby contained burials and implements that are characteristic of the prehistoric Adena people (800 BC-AD 100). Due to very acidic soil and predominant rainfall, many cave like structures reside underground. It is presumed that the Adena people may have resided in the caves. If true, there could be a treasure trove of artifacts waiting to be discovered.

In 1933 W.H. Bucher published an account of the area calling it a cryptovolcanic structure. Bucher saw similarities in the land forms at the Serpent Mound to barely recognizable volcanic upheavals in Germany. However, no volcanic materials have been found there.

In 1947 R.D. Dietz in Science magazine suggested that a better name to describe the land features was "cryptoexplosion"—the folded and faulted beds of landforms from different geologic eras exposed from the impact of meteors. There is a great appeal to Dietz' theory even if the geology does not completely support it; there is no meteoric metal here.

There are serious suggestions that the serpent is intimately connected with the heavens. Several writers have suggested that the serpent is a model of the constellation we call the Little Dipper, its tail coiled about the north star. It is tempting to believe that the Indians knew of the meteor's explosion into the earth, and they built the mound to honor that event.

Bucher's theory suggests a different tern of events. The explosion came from within the earth from the incredible pressure of accumulated but repressed energies, trapped, blocked, but finally exploding upward as gas forcing its way to be released through the body of the earth toward the sky above. If there was ever a collective earth–memory recognizing the release of what the Hindus call Kundalini, this is it.

[excerpt and article information from Monumental Fictions by Joe Napora]



News of the Strange

Crop Circle

A strange design found in a soybean field across from the entrance to the Serpent Mound on State Route 73 near Locust Grove remains under investigation. The design was found on the property of Molly Williams, a resident of Dayton.

Douglas McIlwain, president of the American Society of Dowsers, reported abnormality in the field. "I believe the design is pointing towards Serpent Mound, either to the head or tail of the effigy," said McIlwain.

Wilson, McIlwain and Roger Sugden, of Ft. Wayne, Ind., analyzed the field, taking with them crop and soil samples. The findings have not been returned. However, they did note that there were no tracks leading to the marking.

The design consists of several markings. The smaller circles on the sides of the design measure 12' in diameter with the larger bottom circle measuring 16'. The total design measures 300' in diameter.

This isn't the first questionable event in the county. It was reported in The People's Defender that on the evening of Oct. 17, 1973, three Adams County deputies and one West Union Police officer encountered an unusual object in the sky on Chaparral Road in West Union and later hovering between State Route 41 and 125 near Panhandle. The men described the object as having pulsating red, green, blue and white lights and claimed it would "zig-zag in a very tight circle" throughout the sky. Highland, Ross and Scioto County deputies also reported seeing the object.

In relation to the most recent happening, McIlwain reported that eye-witnesses have encountered "earth lights" since the design was found. These orange, glowing spheres measure five feet in diameter and are common after crop circles have been formed.   -   Troy Jolly and Caleb Grooms   The People's Defender: West Union, OH

"Another curiosity is that the crop circle is also situated between an earthen fault line on one side and a compression fault on the other. The crop circle is aligned so that the axis of the eye points directly at the Great Serpent Mound, located 3,000 feet away, up on the plateau."    -  Ted Robertson





The Serpent Mound is located in Adams county, Ohio. It is just a few hours drive from Cincinatti or Dayton. It is surrounded by rolling hills and farmland.

The Serpent Mound is on State Route 73, six miles north of State
Route 32 and 20 miles south of Bainbridge in Adams County.

Serpent Mound
3850 State Route 73
Peebles, OH 45660

1-800-752-2757 (toll free)




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